Megan’s work placement Blog

When working with Lian, I was taught all the various administrative tasks and responsibilities she does each day. She explained what she did, and I was able to do some tasks myself with her help, such as posting new roles on the Axal Leine website, doing candidate CVs and posting on Axal Leine’s social media. […]

End of year blog

As Axal Leine comes to the end of our first full year in operation, Renny and I have taken some time to reflect on 2021, as many people do at this time of year. It’s been another roller coaster of a year, ok perhaps not as bad as 2020, but let’s not talk about that! […]

Teamwork is the dream work

Together, with my two brothers, two of my nieces and a good friend, we recently took part in the Sark to Jersey swimming challenge. And quite a challenge it was!! Rough seas, changing ocean currents and reefs, all of which we, as a team, had to deal with together, either swimming, handling the boat at […]