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Recruitment was a great way to use my experience, meet new people and help them find their dream role.


Jan lewis

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Hi I’m Jan, in my career I have had experience within different financial sectors, to include Private Banking, Accounts and Personal Assistant positions, and have worked within the private sector and the public sector.

I’ve aways enjoyed helping people, I started like many within banking which gave me some great experience and wonderful memories. After 10 years of working for Private Banks, I moved into PA and EA roles, which was a great way of facilitating people’s needs. I have always enjoyed placing a smile on someone’s face by going the extra mile.


In between working in the Finance industry, I took 12 months out and travelled through Southeast Asia and India, an experience that I really cherished!


After a few years motherhood came calling and I was lucky enough to have two boys within a couple of years. I love being a mum and was blessed enough to stay at home with them for 6 years, after which I decided the time was right for a part time role which saw me venture into the world of Bookkeeping for a Wealth Management team. A slightly daunting task when you’ve been at home for years, however I have always enjoyed a new challenge.


Now my children are on their way to secondary school I really wanted to find something where I could go back to helping people, I feel this is one area where I can excel in, and there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve made a difference to someone’s day.


I have followed Axal Leine since the agency started, and always thought to myself what a fantastic culture they have.  After speaking to Renny about the direction my career should go I realised that Recruitment was a great way to use my experience, meet new people and help them find their dream role. I love the fact Axal Leine has a wonderful work, life balance, and as the saying goes if you love your job then it doesn’t feel like work.


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